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4 Museums in Antalya You MUST Visit

Deciding on your travelling destination is a whole of a process, influenced by a wide variety of characteristics. If you made your decision, and decided to visit Antalya, Turkey, then we will tell you, you made the right choice, maybe the best decision of your life. Antalya is a beautiful coastal destination, that is often associated with 5-star hotels and all-inclusive packages. We are here to prove you wrong, and show and suggest Antalya’s cultural sights. If you are in the process of planning your trip to Antalya, deciding on the places you want to visit, here are 4 most interesting and culturally introducing museums, you must visit.


Antalya Archaeological Museum


Archaeological Museum in Antalya is one of the best venues of its kind in Turkey. The exhibits shown here come from the archaeological sites from Antalya Province and make a great addition after visiting these places. The most important sites represented in this museum are: Karain cave, ancient city of Perge and the cities of Lykian civilization.

Both the wealth of museum collections and their presentation in spacious, modern interiors encourage the visitors to can spend many hours in this place. The uniqueness of this institution has also been recognized internationally – in 1988 the Council of Europe awarded it with the Museum of the Year Award.



Suna & İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museum


This small ethnography museum is housed in a lovingly restored Antalya mansion. The 2nd floor contains a series of life-size dioramas depicting some of the most important rituals and customs of Ottoman Antalya. More impressive is the collection of Çanakkale ceramics housed in the former Greek Orthodox church of Aya Yorgi (St George), just behind the main house, which has been fully restored and is worth a look in itself.



Antalya Toy Museum


          Established by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality at the Kaleiçi Marina four years ago, the Antalya Toy Museum features more than 1,500 toys purchased from antique auctions all around the world. Toys that were manufactured right after the Industrial Revolution in the U.S., Germany and Japan and authentic, handmade toys from Anatolia are displayed in the museum. The oldest toy in the museum dates back to the 1800s.

In her statement to Anadolu Agency (AA), Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Toy Museum Director Saliha Özdemir İpek said more than 160,000 people have visited the museum in the last four years. She added that the museum is not just for children, as it takes adults on a journey through time.



Atatürk’s House Museum


After Atatürk’s death in 1938 his villa in Antalya was transformed into the Institute for Girls. In 1984 the building was given to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in order to transform it into a museum. Unfortunately, this decision coincided with the planned reconstruction of roads in the city and the building was demolished to make way for an widened Işıklar street. The villa was later rebuilt farther from the road and in 1986 opened to the public as a museum.


The villa is a two-storey house, with a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and several other rooms located on the ground floor. There are seven rooms, including one with a balcony, on the second floor. Today, on the ground floor there is and exhibition of newspaper clippings and photographs devoted to Atatürk’s visits in Antalya. On the first floor the presidential bedroom and two offices are recreated. In addition, there is a large collection of postage stamps, coins and stamps bearing the likeness of the president. The core of the exhibition consists of personal items (including clothing and shoes), which belonged to Atatürk. They were transported to Antalya from Anıtkabir – the mausoleum of Atatürk in Ankara.


Antalya Piano Festival

The 19th International Antalya Piano Festival will be held from September 1st to September 9th at 20:30pm at the Antalya Culture Centre (AKMA) hosted by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. The Festival is an important cultural and art event in Antalya. Gürer Aykal will be the artistic director of the festival, which will host important artists from around the world. Two hundred and eighty-five musicians will take the stage throughout the 19th International Antalya Piano Festival. With its slogan “Music in the City” lovers of authentic music are sure to experience an extraordinary feast of live music.


Laura De Los Angeles:
The festival will be opened by Spain’s leading flamenco artist Laura De Los Angeles who will perform in Turkey for the first time. With a versatile career as a pianist and a composer – she’s prominent for her dance and vocal performances with piano.Her performance will be accompanied by Flamenco dancers and eight other musicians for the concert at Antalya Cultural Center’s Aspendos Hall on September 1st. Laura de Los Angeles will definitely give a memorable musical performance for the audience at the festival.

On Sept 4th, Antalya Piano Festival Art Director Gurer Aykal will be the conductor for the concert accompanied by the State Symphony Orchestra – they will share the stage with the winners of Young Talents Piano Competition which is held for the first time this year.

Kenan Tatlici:
On Sept 5th, Kenan Tatlici will perform on the piano accompanied by this year’s Young Talents in the Memory of Kamuran Gündemir Recital. Kenan actively attended numerous master classes and has practiced under the wing of famous pianists like Sergey Schepkin, idil Biret, MauricoVallina, Sergey Kudryakov, Marina Mdivani, Muza Rubazkyte, Lilya Ttalici and Gulsin Onay.

Ivan Melon Lewis& Cuban Swing Express:
On Sept 6th, Cuban born and Spanish based pianist Ivan Melon Lewis will take the stage – he’s renowned as one of the most talented pianists of his generation. After years of touring the world with different artists he formed The Cuban Swing Express that consists of talented Spanish singer Buika, and 10 best Cuban musicians. They impress their audience with fresh and original mixture of old era and current music.

Fahir Atakoğlu:
On Sept 8th, Famous pianist and composer Fahir Atakoğlu will perform alongside State Symphony Orchestra with Gürer Aykal for the Film Music Concert as part of the festival. The Orchestra has a very important place in Antalya’s cultural life and contributes immensely to the advertisement of the area.

Dhafer Youssef:
The festival will be closed on Sept 9th by Dhafer Youssef. He’ll be performing music from his latest album, harmonizing Sufi tradition with jazz elements and Arabic lyricism. He will be back this year to give the audience a magical concert.

Gülçin Anıl’s “Rhythmic Colors” painting exhibition will also take place during the festival. The festival is beloved by many and visited by huge groups annually, in the season it brings together thousands of domestic and foreign lovers of art at Antalya Culture Center. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience live authentic music this year!
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10 Things Not to Forget When You’re Packing for Antalya

Antalya is one of the most beloved and popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Located in the south, it hosts a clean and warm sea that stays warm longer than most cities, tourists from many countries, fascinating historical places and gorgeous holiday resorts. Before you embark on your journey to this delightful city, here are 10 important things to pack for your trip to Antalya;

  1. Adapters

One important thing to note are the outlets in the city. Don’t forget to to pack suitable adopters with yourself to avoid the inconvenience of searching for and purchasing them once you arrive. To use or recharge your electric gadgets and devices you may need a universal adapter plug, perhaps even multiple plug adapters considering that most rooms in the city have single or couple of round plug sockets recessed into the walls, so make sure your plugs cater for these outlets.


  1. Phrasebook & Translation book or travel guide

It’s a good idea to pack a Turkish phrasebook or a travel booklet for your visit to Antalya. The book can provide you with common Turkish words and information about their culture and customs of locals for a better interaction. Although many tourist destinations in the city are filled with English signs and directions and a few portion of people speak the English language, that is not always the case when you decide to venture away from the beaten tourist path and visit untouched places, there you may find yourself facing a language barrier, especially when you meet very friendly Turkish people who invite you to their family home for a cup of tea or coffee, it’s a rewarding experience to impress them with a few Turkish sentences that you’ve learned.

  1. Sun lotion

If you’re visiting Antalya during the warmer summer months you will need to prepare for the upcoming heat you’re about to experience, it’s important to stay safe. Be warned that the average summer in Antalya reaches anywhere between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius (86-104 F) hence why high factor sun lotions/creams are highly required, its recommended to bring a few of them from home since they’re quite expensive in Turkey. If you have sensitive skin, its encouraged to pack a few items of clothing which will cover your shoulders and avoid getting a sunburn because the sun rays in Antalya can be very intense.

  1. Comfortable footwear

Whether you intend to visit the beaches or multiple historical sites, comfortable footwear will spare you loads of energy. There’s so much to explore of Antalya and so many places to visit and long distances to walk on your sightseeing adventure. On your exploration journey of the famous old town Kaleici you’ll find yourself walking up and down ancient narrow streets and steep staircases to slippery roads, make sure to pack runners or trainers with breaks to avoid slipping and falling. If you plan on visiting other historical places such as Aspendos Amphitheater or Termessos, to reach the destinations you’ll have a long road of hiking to do, make sure to wear soft footwear or trainers so that you’ll be able to walk the long distances. As for the beaches, the perfect shoe you can pack are the godsend flip flops or beach slippers that we all wish we could wear all year long. They are light and dry easily, pack the most comfortable ones that don’t rub for Lara beach and feel free to wear them in the city since everyone does, so you won’t look out of place. The Konyaalti beach is pebbled compared to the others thus it is encouraged to pack hard bottomed beach shoes to make it easier to crossover to the waters.

  1. Swimwear

Spending your time cooling off and submerged in the water may rescue you from the intense sun rays, don’t miss out on the opportunity to lounge and tan by the multiple beautiful beaches of the city or at the indoor and outdoor pools in numerous stunning hotels. Take advantage of the time that you have, don’t forget to pack multiple swimsuits that have a quickly drying material although you won’t be waiting too long in Antalya’s heat.
Side note; to save yourself some luggage space, don’t pack any towels since all hotels supply towels to carry to the beach or use in the swimming pools.

  1. Medication

Depending on the necessity and significance of your health, its important to always bring medication from home considering that suitable medication is hard to find in the city, especially if you’re in need of something specific that only sells in your home country. Almost all medication is in Turkish thus the instructions will be hard to decipher. To avoid the inconvenience and the struggle of trying to match and find the right medicine in the pharmacies – don’t forget to pack as much as you need for the trip.


  1. Bags for sightseeing or hiking

If you intend to visit Antalya with minimum lightweight luggage, that may not be the case on your way back home. You’ll find yourself leaving with multiple bags since Antalya is filled with a huge shopping option. You’ll have to make some space for all the interesting souvenirs and handcrafts you might collect on your adventure. Kaleici alone will load you up with all types of products that you’ll be actively encouraged to purchase by the Turkish sellers. If you’re aiming to travel with just carry-on baggage, it’s a good idea to invest in bags such as the Cabin Max soft-sided rucksack – it’s light and easy to carry, has roomy compartments and has plenty of pockets to keep your stuff organized and safe.


  1. Camera

An obvious one but won’t hurt to remind – you’re going to want to make sure to bring your camera along to capture all your joyous memories and beautiful attractions of Antalya. There are numerous points in the city intended for photo shooting or just observation, such as the glass elevator hovering above the beautiful Marina just on the outskirts of the famous Kaleici. You do not want to miss out on all the insta-worthy photo opportunities of this place and many more.

  1. Binoculars

On your way to Antalya its recommended to travel with a good quality light-weight binocular in your handbag. You may use it everywhere, there are endless details at historical attractions you might want to observe closely, and binoculars come in handy. Use them to look at the details of tiles in mosques, palaces, scan the rivers or the sea, the waterfalls, Taurus Mountains, enjoy all the details of beautiful landscapes at a look-out point, allow yourself to enjoy views from hotel balconies or stunning rooftop restaurants of the city.

  1. Your Positive Energy

Last but not the least, the most essential thing you cannot forget at home is your positive energy and willingness to explore and have as much fun as possible. Antalya is the type of a place that brings joy to everyone that is not even expecting it, there are so many things to do, to learn, to experience and lifelong memories to create (click here to find out 7 reasons why you should visit Antalya). Whether you come empty handed or fully packed and ready for a long-term vacation, you will be sure to leave with a whole lot of satisfaction and pleasant memories.

Download a useful travel checklist here.

Antalya’s Best Restaurants

The city of Antalya is a perfect place if you’re looking to sample different delights and various unique recipes at stunning restaurants; the city is enriched with Gastronomy and Culinary art and loved for its vibrant and delicious Mediterranean flavors surrounded by beauty and stunning scenery. Through your exploration of the city, the locals will be delighted to steer you in the direction of dining delicacies, you’ll reveal numerous gems where you can experience real authentic cuisines. Whether you’re searching for traditional Turkish food, a romantic fine dining experience, authentic Italian dishes, or electric and modern International spots, it can all be found here! Take a look at some of the best restaurants of Antalya for a luxurious meal.


Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant

Seraser is a well distinguished fine dining restaurant located in Antalya’s historical old town, right in the heart of Kaleici in an ancient Ottoman mansion initially built in the 18thcentury. Seraser is one of the most honorable and exquisite restaurants in the city beloved by many for its unprecedented service, authenticity, unique setting that oozes with prestige and creates a luxurious atmosphere, along with its incredibly delicious food which makes dining in Seraser comfortable, fulfilling and wanting more.

This stunning restaurant always strives to not only satisfy peoples hunger out of necessity but to also create an unforgettable and joyful experience. Seraser is renowned for its impressive design and gorgeous décor that feature hand-crafted and comfortable furniture, sculptures, stunning ornaments, a live piano music resting by the stairs that lead to a balcony where guests can rest and observe the beautiful view overlooking the splendid garden of Seraser. The menu is undeniably rich; carefully balancing between delicious international recipes and a touch of traditional Turkish tastes – the menu is highlighted by famous and delightful dishes such as home-made pastas, fillet steaks with gorgonzola sauce, sea bass wrapped in wine leaves and completedwith tempting desserts, accompanied by various world-class wine selection – all that creates a memorable dining experience that you will treasure(click here for the full menu).


il Vicino Pizzeria

Il Vicino is the type of place where you will find beautiful art carefully blended with the most flavorful classic Italian pizzas served with love and impressive presentation. This is the hottest pizza spot in town perfect for any occasional meetings or gatherings surrounded by unique, creative, artistic design, friendly atmosphere and a cheerful ambiance. It’s a place suitable for all types of individuals, groups of friends, families with children, or business people! The pizzeria offers fresh thin slice pizzas with significant cheeses from abroad, freshly made pastas and intriguing desserts or Italian ice creams to devour on a hot day(check full menu here).With its professional staff, high-quality service, spacious interior design, interesting decoration but most of all incredible food, il Vicino is sure to impress anyone with a love for pizza!


PIO Gastro Bar & Bistro

Located in the historical city of Antalya Kaleici, PIO has emerged in 2015 as a result of an extraordinary bar designed with a modern taste in a traditional Kaleiçi house transformed into a restaurant and bar function. Composed of an attractive entrance area, exclusive mixology bar, and a breathtaking space with a total area of ​​130m2 – Pio stands out as the hottest entertainment and food spot in Antalya. It is an incredibly unique and aesthetically pleasing bar with sparkling colorful setting, high ceilings, stone walls, vintage lighting,modern interior, unique artsy and creative design. The professionally painted graffiti on the walls are one of the most distinctive features of the place. Pio offers a Mediterranean cuisine fused with Latin street food (tapas) accompanied bya special mixology bar with electric combinations and techniques that create a dynamic joyful environment. This place is perfect for personal rejuvenation and a unique experience, the fun that people have is contagious and transfers ontoeach other through food or by dancing whilst sipping on the special cocktails and listening to funky jazz, groovy- soulful house, lounge or afro rock music that sets a perfect atmosphere for friends. This is a type of place where anyone easily creates lifelong friendships and gets a chance for a bonding experience with each other. Reward yourself with exotic dishes, outstanding hot or cold Latin street food and get treated to various fancy main courses all cooked in a barbeque – such as burgers, steaks, sausages, and many more special delicacies (click for a detailed menu).



7 Mehmet Restaurant

The restaurant has been operating since the year 1988 in Konyaalti by the beautiful sea by two brothers Hakki and Sadullah and the grandson Mehmet. What started as a small soup delivery shop now consists of two stories together with its terrace and bears the capacity to serve to 1000 people in its outdoor and indoor areas.It impresses people with its utmost modern and reliable atmosphere and elegant dining area overlooking the sea. The restaurant went on to receive an award with the “Peace Prize in the Construction Branch” within the scope of the 6th West Mediterranean Architecture Prizes and Exhibition held in the year of 1988 (read more about their story). Since Mr. Hakki puts a great value on their employees they are well known for being very hospitable, humble and friendly to all guests. They serve Mediterranean traditional cuisine, foods like Grida, water patty, tripe soup, ravioli soup, dry beans and many more, they always use the freshest ingredients in their cooking grown in the region. Their pumpkin dessert with walnuts is especially praised for its flavor and creates regular customers. A lot of the recipes have been inherited to the brothers from their father hence why they always prepare all their food with love.


Kaison Sushi

Kaison Duangan, who is the owner of Kaison Sushi always had an interest in Japanese and Thai cuisine, for 5 years he was taught in the kitchen of Kurosaki Sanwho’s known as one of the most important sushi masters in the world, over these years Kaison strengthened his culinary skills by the help of Kurosaki San that laid out the essential foundations of culinary art. Years of adventure, learning, and commitment got him to Antalya where he operates the best Sushi spot in the city. Kaison Sushi is located on the old Lara road. The menu consists of various sushi about 28 different options, some of the favorites are Ebony Maki, House Roll and the popular Volkan Roll that is crab, caviar, and salmon combined with Japanese legendary rice and served with teriyaki sauce (see full menu here). Some sushi contains fried shrimp, avocado and sesame seeds for those who do not like raw consumption. The presentation is very effective, along with the sushi there is a seaweed salad, ginger pickles and Wasabi on the same service tray. Approximately 70% of the products used are carefully selected by chef Kaison and imported from abroad. The Sushi place is quite peaceful and relaxing illuminated with yellow lights and a selection of pleasant music. The open-air kitchen allows guests to observe the artistic preparation of sushi by the talented and experienced chefs, this place is certain to leave you impressed and fulfilled by the experience.

Autumn Romance in Antalya

Antalya is beloved by many for its turquoise crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, numerous natural wonders, palm lined streets, stunning marina, delicious cuisine, excellent shopping, charming architecture and beautiful historical attractions occupied by large groups of tourists yearly. Once summer is over – every man, woman and stray cat heads east and Antalya returns to its relaxed and peaceful nature. The hordes of tourists might be off-putting to some and overwhelming, hence why during the off season (Autumn in particular) your experience of a place may be enhanced without the intervention of big crowds, unbearable heat and expensive prices. Take this time to recharge before the winter approaches. The room for exploration becomes undeniably wider in Autumn – with a 25-degree sunshine you can enjoy relaxing outdoors or in case if a shower hits there are plenty of places to find refuge at such as museums, cafes or a variety of shopping centers.

In the months of Autumn during the chilly nights, whilst out on your walk you’ll often find yourself being invited by Turkish people for a cup of tea or Salep. At the small and beautiful courtyards of Kaleici; people often enjoy gathering around an open fire with drinks while Turkish men play acoustic guitar and sing nicely for the couples which creates a cozy atmosphere for cuddling. You may often see brides and grooms stopping for portraits for their wedding albums. Kaleici is a historic area occupying a substantive area of Antalya; you may spend your afternoons stopping by for coffee in many picturesque cafes or getting lost in the winding streets guarded by medieval castle walls.

There is an endless plethora of shopping options in the aesthetically oldfashioned boutiques and souvenir shops where they can carve you and your partner’s initials onto a stone, plate or an accessory of your choice. Before reaching the harbor where you can take a breathtaking yacht tour around the Marina – right around the Clock Tower you can stop for a couples painting, there are numerous different artists with their own painting styles and sizes of portraits to choose from, the art serves perfectly as a lifelong memory.

Autumn is also a perfect time to visit the untouched beaches in Lara, Konyaalti or Olympos; the skies are clear and the weather is spectacular but most importantly the beaches are empty and their beauties are not tucked away under huge groups of people, the resorts that are usually fully packed in the summer are abandoned till the next season thus you get to have the whole beach alone to yourself and your partner where you can spend a fun day splashing around or bonding whilst playing backgammon nearby (Tavla as the Turkish call it).

The idea of having a romantic dinner at the beach with flowers and candles also becomes possible, this is a perfect time and place to bond and bring you closer to your significant other whilst providing wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Antalya has always been viewed as one of the most romantic cities for couples and travelers. Couples that come to the magical Antalya for their honeymoon always leave even more in love than they came.

6 Beautiful Hidden Beaches in Antalya Region

Sulu Ada

Just down the road from the more famous Olympos, Adrasan Cove is a tranquil spot, a paradise of blue and green with a two-kilometer long beach beloved by swimmers and sailors on day trips away from their villas in Antalya. There are a few boutique hotels here and a few restaurants, with wooden platforms built over the stream that meanders to the waterfront.There are a ton of excursions to Sulu island from Adrasan by private boats. That area is known as Turkish Maldives, due to the magnificent blue color of the water.

Olympos Beach

LocatedinthesouthernholidayregionofAntalya, OlymposBeachisknownprettywell,but because of its beauty it has to be on the top of our list. Generally preferred by younger couples and teenagers, Olympos is situated near Mount Olympos, dotted with ancient sites along old roads, greenery and natural wonders.It might just be one of the best places ever to stay at with a tent for a night.

Çıralı Beach

SeparatedfromtherenownedcityofOlympos only by a rock, Çıralı has one of the most beautiful secluded beaches on the Mediterranean coast and, like Olympos, is the site of ancient Hellenic ruins and historic sites. Therefore, Çıralı is not asknown as its neighbor Olympos.Çıralı is famous for its flaming rocks, or natural flames that burn constantly on a mountainside at the north end of the village. That is a place where legends about Chimera came from. People used to believe that this mythical creature is locked under the mountain.

Phaselis Beach

Phaselis is not only a beach but also the site of ancient ruins. Located in the northern Antalya town of Tekirova in the district of Kemer, this district has a stunning view overlooking the Mediterranean coast and crystal clean beaches with fine sand. An earthquake sent the now ruins partially underwater which creates the mystical appearance Phaselis portrays today.

Cennet Koyu

CannetKoyu or paradise beach is located in Bodrum. If you ever will be somewhere around, you have to spend time there, take aswim with the fish and then relax under the pine trees. This place attained it’s nickname due to its beautifully structured coastline which is lined with trees as close as a few meters from the shore and its crystal clear blue water.

Butterfly Valley

Only accessible by boat, Fethiye’s KelebeklerVadisi (Butterfly Valley) is a truly remote beach where you’ll find nothing more than nature in its full beauty. Also, home to over 100 species of butterflies. Nature is so remote and still untouched at this place. The glorious mountainous valley opens to the brilliantly blue sea with a white sand beach in its midst. In an area where a waterfall cascades down from a canyon and flows into a river right by the lavender flowers, not surprisingly this area is under government protection.

Lavender fields not far from Antalya region

Turkey may not be the first think to pop at your mind if start talking about lavender, but it has its own region that produces 90% of all lavender in country. Time for people to get familiar with secret village of Kuyucak has come.

Located in Turkey, Isparta province, which is by the chance famous for rose cultivation. It all began with Zeki Konur in 1975. That merchant distributed lavender seeds from France up to 30 families. At the beginning seedlings were planted on the rose fields, but by the 1990 families began to cultivate purple flower for commercial means. From the first seedlings till our days, more than 3,000 hectares of lavender fields are successfully cultivated for different needs.

Beginning burgeoning in June, lavender fields fully blossom on third week of July, that time whole area colors with a beautiful purple shine, witch instalovers hunt so much for. Therefore, scent spreads far far from the fields, filling up the whole province.

In August, harvest starts. During harvesting the flowers are carefully cut from the middle of the stem to encourage further growth for the next season. Knowing the fact, that lavender don’t need so much water to survive, and the fact, that one root can bloom over and over for up to 20 years the fields of this unique plant in Koyacak has been quite a prolific undertaking.

Lavender essential oil has an important place in Turkey’s pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. The amount of lavender production, which was 400 tons in 2015, reached 747 tons last year with an 87 percent increase in production. Harvesting that amount of fields, takes about month under +40 degrees sun. That work requires patience and hard work. Most of lavender is proceed into cosmetics. When the rest is dried to sold to various firms around the country. Of course, for visitors there’s also plenty of lavender-based shopping to be done including delicious lavender honey, lavender tea, dried lavender, lavender oil, lavender tonic, and lavender soap.

Lavender honey

Lavender honey production is provided from the lavender gardens of the Kuyucak village, distinguished among other types of honey for its pleasant smell, taste and lightness. Thus, it is highly preferred among consumers and considered a delicious type of honey, regarded by nutritionists as healthy with low amounts of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is rich in amino acids, minerals and Vitamin C. Lavender honey enters the bloodstream with ease, boosting energy levels by creating an assimilation effect.

Lavender tea

Dried or fresh lavender is left in boiled water for about three to four minutes to brew. It is known that the tea obtained from “lavandin,” a type of lavender which grows especially in the Kuyucak village, which is very useful in the prevention of Hepatitis B and the fattening of the liver when consumed in a 15-day cycle.

Lavender pillow

The lavender pillow is recommended for people who suffer from sleeping problems especially due to the sedative effect of lavender. They are also used as infant cushions for babies to sleep comfortably.

5 Strange and delicious Turkish dishes you have to try

Anyone who ventures into Turkey typically believes the common stereotype that Turkish cuisine is only made up of kebabs and meats but that is not the case, the history and culture of the cuisine has a huge variety in food; here’s a list of popular and unique Turkish dishes that most foreigners are unfamiliar with.

  1. Stuffed Intestines (Kokoreç)

Kokoreç is essentially lamb or goat intestines that are thoroughly cleaned and wrapped around seasoned offal such as sweetbreads, hearts, lungs or kidneys, they are cooked on a skewer and usually horizontally grilled over a charcoal fire. It’s one of the most popular fast foods sometimes preferred to consume after a drinking session. Served all year round – Kokoreç can be found in any kiosks, cafes and restaurants around Turkey.


  1. Wet Burger (Islak Burger)

‘Wet burger’ has a very peculiar ring to it but this moist meatloaf-burger drenched in tomato sauce is a delicious street food – a late night snack that is quite favorable among youngsters in Turkey parallel to Hot Dogs in Los Angeles or Pizzas in New York City.


  1. Sheep’s Head Soup (Kelle Paça Çorba)

Eating sheep’s head in a steaming broth may not sound ideal to most. However, this delicious soup follows the old tradition of using every part of the meat instead of discarding of it– the meat from the shinbones or tongues are often added and boiled for an extended period of time to tenderize it and then seasoned with hot chili flakes, oregano, or garlic puree. This soup is popular among travelers and locals in Turkey.


  1. Lamb’s Testicles (Koç Yumurtası)

The most crucial part of cooking the testicles is marinating them beforehand with pepper, thyme, and olive oil – that gives them a juicy and tender texture. The membrane layer on top is peeled, the testicles are washed and then cut into cubes. There are different ways to cook the testicles but the most common technique used is sautéing the slices in butter until they’re nicely caramelized.



  1. Chicken Dessert (Tavuk Goğsu)

Typically, people never associate chicken with desserts–it’s unheard of, but not in Turkey. Tavuk Goğsu is the most famous recipe of the Ottoman era still greatly valued in modern day. The chicken is boiled down, barely leaving any savory flavor to it, combined with sugar and milk. The cooking method is somewhat bizarre, but the end result always impresses foreigners.


4 Secret Places of Kaleici/Old Town in Antalya

The most rewarding aspect of travelling abroad, is not only seeing “highlights” of the destination, but stepping out of the tourist trail and experiencing life as locals and simultaneously enjoying it. Here is a small list of hidden gems to explore in Kaleici.

  1. Hidden Park

Small green area hidden in Kaleici – now is becoming a very popular tourist spot, due to excellent view on the whole city center and especially the harbor. The area is surrounded by greenery, resting spots, small fountains and different wooden sculptures decorating the park beautifully.

  1. Panoramic Elevator

This elevator provides easy access from the main street level down to the harbor in the old town. The view from the balcony top – shows a spectacular panoramic view of whole Kaleici, sea, and Antalya bay.

  1. CayTea

Hipster bakery with design that you will never found anywhere in whole Turkey. When you step in, you become part of a Wonderland. The high level of attention in oriental details, very tasty food, and reasonable prices, make this cafe one of the best in the city.

  1. Mermerli Beach

The only place in Kaleici for swimming. It is a part of Restaurant with same name, you can get there only from the restaurant. Entry at the beach cost 4$ but it’s totally worth it. Wonderful view, service from restaurant, cozy, clean beach with crystal-clear water.



7 Reasons to Visit Antalya

With its beautiful landscapes and rich history Antalya is renowned as one of the most unique destinations in the world. Encompassed by stunning Taurus Mountains, shimmering beaches, antiquated urban communities and breathtaking scenery, here are an assortment of attractions you’ll love and 7 incredible reasons to visit Antalya.

1. Beautiful Beaches

Antalya possesses beaches for all types of people equipped for their every need. Ranging from quiet, calm and secluded beaches immersed in nature to crowded, exciting and luxurious ones. People can opt for extravagant resorts or marvelous boutique hotels with minimally inhabited beaches. You can enjoy going to modern and pebbled Konyaaltı beach in the city center or swim in beautiful turquoise waters of Patara and Çıralı which the ancient Lycian city of Olympos is located at. Visitors also have the opportunity to take a stroll down the city and explore its exciting ancient ruins.

Beautiful Beaches Antalya

  1. Natural Wonders (Waterfalls)

The view of mountains looming over the city is a breathtaking spectacle and so are the waterfalls below them constantly meeting the acquaintances of tourists on a daily basis. The most fascinating waterfall worthy of its reputation is the Düden Waterfall just 12 kilometers north-east of Antalya. The beautiful cascading blue waters of the waterfalls descend into valleys that are surrounded by flora, fauna and greenery, the mix of colors in Antalya showcase beautifully in photos.


  1. Amazing Food

Every region in Antalya is rich with fresh produce available for purchase at weekly local bazaars, sweet and succulent fruits or vegetables can be found at every corner and people have the chance to pluck fresh oranges right from the trees that grow throughout the whole city. Treat yourself with the famous and fulfilling traditional Turkish Breakfasts with a beautiful sea view.



  1. Culture

Tourists always have the opportunity to learn about the unique culture of Antalya by taking excursions, exploring places such as Kaleici, and by building relationships or interacting with local people, its encouraged that tourists communicate with locals as they are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature. People can learn about the authentic Turkish way of life, with its interesting traditions and customs by exploring the city, chatting with locals and visiting tourist hotspots like museums and landmarks.


  1. Ancient Ruins

There are countless historical sites in Antalya that you can explore, such as the Hadrian’s Gate in the heart of the city center or the Lycian Empire’s rock tombs in Myra, You can also visit the ancient Aspendos amphitheatre, the remarkable old Xanthos capital and the ancient ruins in Arykand. There are so many ways to connect with and learn the history of Antalya such as the opportunity to stop by the information boards in the Old Town and learn about the history of the sites you’re visiting.


  1. Shopping

Antalya has a wide selection of malls and centers that cater for tourists’ needs. Make sure to visit MarkAntalya, it’s a large, modern mall that has a vast selection of lifestyle brands and entertainment. If you prefer open spaces, Antalya is known to have interesting bazaars and boutiques where you can shop for organic fruits and vegetables, traditional spices, bargain for vintage antiques and homemade crafts.


  1. Kaleici

Kaleici combines both the modern and the historical aspects of Antalya. The Old Town is famous for its carefully renovated Ottoman houses, mansions, ancient stone walls and structures. Every pathway and alley is filled with unique exterior and greenery leading to the beautiful view of the Marina and Mermerli Beach. Starting from the Hadrian’s gate people can wander through the picturesque narrow streets whilst taking photos and stopping for refreshing drinks. In Kaleici you can visit cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, galleries, tattoo shops, fortune tellers, bazaars and relax in the parks surrounding the area.

Regardless of the season, time, or place the unique beauty in Antalya never fails to fascinate and impress visitors. However you choose to plan your holiday you are guaranteed to receive genuine and kind treatment, extraordinary experience, and thrilling memories.