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Antalya Archeological Museum

Working hours 08:00-17:00
How to go: by bus-LC07 from Yüzüncü Yıl street
How long does it take: around 15 minutes

The dazzling exhibits here showcase all the best finds from excavation sites across the Turkish coast. Even better, the collection is displayed in exemplary fashion making Turkey’s rich (and rather complicated) history easy to understand. The large archaeological section offers displays from the Bronze Age to Byzantium with a particular emphasis on ruins in the nearby area. If you’re short on time make a beeline for the galleries containing the mosaics from Seleukeia, the silver display from Aspendos, and divinity statues from Perge.

St. Nicholas Church Demre

Working hours 08:30 – 19:30 (closed till lunch on holidays)
How to go: 147 km from Antalya, D400 road, between Demre, Finike and Kaş
How long does it take: around 2,5 hours

St. Nicholas Church is located in Demre and it is an ancient Byzantine site. It was built in AD 520, and has wonderful frescos and architecture and high religious significance. It was used between 5-12 centuries. It is important because of burial place of St. Nicholas of Myra is there. He is a very important religious figure and known in the world as Santa Claus. Church is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Suna-İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museum

Working hours 09:00-12:00/13:00-17:00 (Wednesday-day off)
How to go: on foot, about 270 m from Hadrian Gate
How long does it take: around 15 minutes

Museum has one part, which is dedicated to traditional Antalya housecraft and way of living. Other part is Aya Yorgi Church which is an important landmark.

Atatürk’s House Museum

Working hours 08:00-17:00
How to go: on foot, on Işıklar caddesi, close to Karaalioğlu park
How long does it take: around 20 minutes

Museum was built in commemoration of Atatürk, first president of Turkey, who was an outstanding person in world’s politics.  In the museum, there are newspapers and pictures portraying Atatürk, instances of old coins, bank notes and stamps.

The most important part of the museum is the room with personal belongings of Atatürk, which were brought from Anıtkabir, the mausoleum in Ankara.

Antalya Toy Museum

Working hours 09:30-18:30
How to go: on foot, situated in Kaleiçi Marina. Follow signs ”Marina”!
How long does it take: around 10 minutes

Antalya Toy Museum features more than 1,500 toys purchased from antique auctions all around the world. Toys that were manufactured right after the Industrial Revolution in the U.S., Germany and Japan and authentic, handmade toys from Anatolia are displayed in the museum. The oldest toy in the museum dates back to the 1800.