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10 Things Not to Forget When You’re Packing for Antalya

Antalya is one of the most beloved and popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Located in the south, it hosts a clean and warm sea that stays warm longer than most cities, tourists from many countries, fascinating historical places and gorgeous holiday resorts. Before you embark on your journey to this delightful city, here are 10 important things to pack for your trip to Antalya;

  1. Adapters

One important thing to note are the outlets in the city. Don’t forget to to pack suitable adopters with yourself to avoid the inconvenience of searching for and purchasing them once you arrive. To use or recharge your electric gadgets and devices you may need a universal adapter plug, perhaps even multiple plug adapters considering that most rooms in the city have single or couple of round plug sockets recessed into the walls, so make sure your plugs cater for these outlets.


  1. Phrasebook & Translation book or travel guide

It’s a good idea to pack a Turkish phrasebook or a travel booklet for your visit to Antalya. The book can provide you with common Turkish words and information about their culture and customs of locals for a better interaction. Although many tourist destinations in the city are filled with English signs and directions and a few portion of people speak the English language, that is not always the case when you decide to venture away from the beaten tourist path and visit untouched places, there you may find yourself facing a language barrier, especially when you meet very friendly Turkish people who invite you to their family home for a cup of tea or coffee, it’s a rewarding experience to impress them with a few Turkish sentences that you’ve learned.

  1. Sun lotion

If you’re visiting Antalya during the warmer summer months you will need to prepare for the upcoming heat you’re about to experience, it’s important to stay safe. Be warned that the average summer in Antalya reaches anywhere between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius (86-104 F) hence why high factor sun lotions/creams are highly required, its recommended to bring a few of them from home since they’re quite expensive in Turkey. If you have sensitive skin, its encouraged to pack a few items of clothing which will cover your shoulders and avoid getting a sunburn because the sun rays in Antalya can be very intense.

  1. Comfortable footwear

Whether you intend to visit the beaches or multiple historical sites, comfortable footwear will spare you loads of energy. There’s so much to explore of Antalya and so many places to visit and long distances to walk on your sightseeing adventure. On your exploration journey of the famous old town Kaleici you’ll find yourself walking up and down ancient narrow streets and steep staircases to slippery roads, make sure to pack runners or trainers with breaks to avoid slipping and falling. If you plan on visiting other historical places such as Aspendos Amphitheater or Termessos, to reach the destinations you’ll have a long road of hiking to do, make sure to wear soft footwear or trainers so that you’ll be able to walk the long distances. As for the beaches, the perfect shoe you can pack are the godsend flip flops or beach slippers that we all wish we could wear all year long. They are light and dry easily, pack the most comfortable ones that don’t rub for Lara beach and feel free to wear them in the city since everyone does, so you won’t look out of place. The Konyaalti beach is pebbled compared to the others thus it is encouraged to pack hard bottomed beach shoes to make it easier to crossover to the waters.

  1. Swimwear

Spending your time cooling off and submerged in the water may rescue you from the intense sun rays, don’t miss out on the opportunity to lounge and tan by the multiple beautiful beaches of the city or at the indoor and outdoor pools in numerous stunning hotels. Take advantage of the time that you have, don’t forget to pack multiple swimsuits that have a quickly drying material although you won’t be waiting too long in Antalya’s heat.
Side note; to save yourself some luggage space, don’t pack any towels since all hotels supply towels to carry to the beach or use in the swimming pools.

  1. Medication

Depending on the necessity and significance of your health, its important to always bring medication from home considering that suitable medication is hard to find in the city, especially if you’re in need of something specific that only sells in your home country. Almost all medication is in Turkish thus the instructions will be hard to decipher. To avoid the inconvenience and the struggle of trying to match and find the right medicine in the pharmacies – don’t forget to pack as much as you need for the trip.


  1. Bags for sightseeing or hiking

If you intend to visit Antalya with minimum lightweight luggage, that may not be the case on your way back home. You’ll find yourself leaving with multiple bags since Antalya is filled with a huge shopping option. You’ll have to make some space for all the interesting souvenirs and handcrafts you might collect on your adventure. Kaleici alone will load you up with all types of products that you’ll be actively encouraged to purchase by the Turkish sellers. If you’re aiming to travel with just carry-on baggage, it’s a good idea to invest in bags such as the Cabin Max soft-sided rucksack – it’s light and easy to carry, has roomy compartments and has plenty of pockets to keep your stuff organized and safe.


  1. Camera

An obvious one but won’t hurt to remind – you’re going to want to make sure to bring your camera along to capture all your joyous memories and beautiful attractions of Antalya. There are numerous points in the city intended for photo shooting or just observation, such as the glass elevator hovering above the beautiful Marina just on the outskirts of the famous Kaleici. You do not want to miss out on all the insta-worthy photo opportunities of this place and many more.

  1. Binoculars

On your way to Antalya its recommended to travel with a good quality light-weight binocular in your handbag. You may use it everywhere, there are endless details at historical attractions you might want to observe closely, and binoculars come in handy. Use them to look at the details of tiles in mosques, palaces, scan the rivers or the sea, the waterfalls, Taurus Mountains, enjoy all the details of beautiful landscapes at a look-out point, allow yourself to enjoy views from hotel balconies or stunning rooftop restaurants of the city.

  1. Your Positive Energy

Last but not the least, the most essential thing you cannot forget at home is your positive energy and willingness to explore and have as much fun as possible. Antalya is the type of a place that brings joy to everyone that is not even expecting it, there are so many things to do, to learn, to experience and lifelong memories to create (click here to find out 7 reasons why you should visit Antalya). Whether you come empty handed or fully packed and ready for a long-term vacation, you will be sure to leave with a whole lot of satisfaction and pleasant memories.

Download a useful travel checklist here.