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Antalya’s Best Restaurants

The city of Antalya is a perfect place if you’re looking to sample different delights and various unique recipes at stunning restaurants; the city is enriched with Gastronomy and Culinary art and loved for its vibrant and delicious Mediterranean flavors surrounded by beauty and stunning scenery. Through your exploration of the city, the locals will be delighted to steer you in the direction of dining delicacies, you’ll reveal numerous gems where you can experience real authentic cuisines. Whether you’re searching for traditional Turkish food, a romantic fine dining experience, authentic Italian dishes, or electric and modern International spots, it can all be found here! Take a look at some of the best restaurants of Antalya for a luxurious meal.


Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant

Seraser is a well distinguished fine dining restaurant located in Antalya’s historical old town, right in the heart of Kaleici in an ancient Ottoman mansion initially built in the 18thcentury. Seraser is one of the most honorable and exquisite restaurants in the city beloved by many for its unprecedented service, authenticity, unique setting that oozes with prestige and creates a luxurious atmosphere, along with its incredibly delicious food which makes dining in Seraser comfortable, fulfilling and wanting more.

This stunning restaurant always strives to not only satisfy peoples hunger out of necessity but to also create an unforgettable and joyful experience. Seraser is renowned for its impressive design and gorgeous décor that feature hand-crafted and comfortable furniture, sculptures, stunning ornaments, a live piano music resting by the stairs that lead to a balcony where guests can rest and observe the beautiful view overlooking the splendid garden of Seraser. The menu is undeniably rich; carefully balancing between delicious international recipes and a touch of traditional Turkish tastes – the menu is highlighted by famous and delightful dishes such as home-made pastas, fillet steaks with gorgonzola sauce, sea bass wrapped in wine leaves and completedwith tempting desserts, accompanied by various world-class wine selection – all that creates a memorable dining experience that you will treasure(click here for the full menu).


il Vicino Pizzeria

Il Vicino is the type of place where you will find beautiful art carefully blended with the most flavorful classic Italian pizzas served with love and impressive presentation. This is the hottest pizza spot in town perfect for any occasional meetings or gatherings surrounded by unique, creative, artistic design, friendly atmosphere and a cheerful ambiance. It’s a place suitable for all types of individuals, groups of friends, families with children, or business people! The pizzeria offers fresh thin slice pizzas with significant cheeses from abroad, freshly made pastas and intriguing desserts or Italian ice creams to devour on a hot day(check full menu here).With its professional staff, high-quality service, spacious interior design, interesting decoration but most of all incredible food, il Vicino is sure to impress anyone with a love for pizza!


PIO Gastro Bar & Bistro

Located in the historical city of Antalya Kaleici, PIO has emerged in 2015 as a result of an extraordinary bar designed with a modern taste in a traditional Kaleiçi house transformed into a restaurant and bar function. Composed of an attractive entrance area, exclusive mixology bar, and a breathtaking space with a total area of ​​130m2 – Pio stands out as the hottest entertainment and food spot in Antalya. It is an incredibly unique and aesthetically pleasing bar with sparkling colorful setting, high ceilings, stone walls, vintage lighting,modern interior, unique artsy and creative design. The professionally painted graffiti on the walls are one of the most distinctive features of the place. Pio offers a Mediterranean cuisine fused with Latin street food (tapas) accompanied bya special mixology bar with electric combinations and techniques that create a dynamic joyful environment. This place is perfect for personal rejuvenation and a unique experience, the fun that people have is contagious and transfers ontoeach other through food or by dancing whilst sipping on the special cocktails and listening to funky jazz, groovy- soulful house, lounge or afro rock music that sets a perfect atmosphere for friends. This is a type of place where anyone easily creates lifelong friendships and gets a chance for a bonding experience with each other. Reward yourself with exotic dishes, outstanding hot or cold Latin street food and get treated to various fancy main courses all cooked in a barbeque – such as burgers, steaks, sausages, and many more special delicacies (click for a detailed menu).



7 Mehmet Restaurant

The restaurant has been operating since the year 1988 in Konyaalti by the beautiful sea by two brothers Hakki and Sadullah and the grandson Mehmet. What started as a small soup delivery shop now consists of two stories together with its terrace and bears the capacity to serve to 1000 people in its outdoor and indoor areas.It impresses people with its utmost modern and reliable atmosphere and elegant dining area overlooking the sea. The restaurant went on to receive an award with the “Peace Prize in the Construction Branch” within the scope of the 6th West Mediterranean Architecture Prizes and Exhibition held in the year of 1988 (read more about their story). Since Mr. Hakki puts a great value on their employees they are well known for being very hospitable, humble and friendly to all guests. They serve Mediterranean traditional cuisine, foods like Grida, water patty, tripe soup, ravioli soup, dry beans and many more, they always use the freshest ingredients in their cooking grown in the region. Their pumpkin dessert with walnuts is especially praised for its flavor and creates regular customers. A lot of the recipes have been inherited to the brothers from their father hence why they always prepare all their food with love.


Kaison Sushi

Kaison Duangan, who is the owner of Kaison Sushi always had an interest in Japanese and Thai cuisine, for 5 years he was taught in the kitchen of Kurosaki Sanwho’s known as one of the most important sushi masters in the world, over these years Kaison strengthened his culinary skills by the help of Kurosaki San that laid out the essential foundations of culinary art. Years of adventure, learning, and commitment got him to Antalya where he operates the best Sushi spot in the city. Kaison Sushi is located on the old Lara road. The menu consists of various sushi about 28 different options, some of the favorites are Ebony Maki, House Roll and the popular Volkan Roll that is crab, caviar, and salmon combined with Japanese legendary rice and served with teriyaki sauce (see full menu here). Some sushi contains fried shrimp, avocado and sesame seeds for those who do not like raw consumption. The presentation is very effective, along with the sushi there is a seaweed salad, ginger pickles and Wasabi on the same service tray. Approximately 70% of the products used are carefully selected by chef Kaison and imported from abroad. The Sushi place is quite peaceful and relaxing illuminated with yellow lights and a selection of pleasant music. The open-air kitchen allows guests to observe the artistic preparation of sushi by the talented and experienced chefs, this place is certain to leave you impressed and fulfilled by the experience.