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Tuvana Hotel Tuzcular Mah. Karanlık Sok. No:18 Kaleiçi / Antalya - TURKEY

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Tuvana Hotel History 3

Tuvana means a celebration of humanity from Hittite era (circa 3000 BC) where people from diverse backgrounds with different race, ethnicity, religion, and language, all come together for this special event. Tuvana’s fate was set from the day it was first constructed; place for such a celebration with the spirit of whoever you are and where ever coming from. It was the home of a highly decorated 18th. Century Ottoman Officer, Abdi Efendi, where frequently visited by both local and foreign visitors. And that spirit and tradition continues…

Tuvana Hotel History 2

Tuvana took the responsibility to carry on to become the southern representation of the classic Ottoman tradition of hospitality. The place was constructed by the most skillful craftsmen of their times specialized in wood and masonry work. The long lasting well-kept Tuvana was a happy home for the family of Emine Hanim, daughter of Apdi Efendi and her husband Mehmet Efendi, a successful cotton merchant; staying in such a good shape only became possible with thoughtful and timely attention and care given to every stone, every corner throughout the years by this traditional family. And Tuvana evolved over the years with new added buildings, carefully restored with same care and carrying the same spirit and tradition as it became one of the exceptional establishments of Kaleici; it continues to host guests from all over


Then, Tuvana Hotel opened its doors after years of careful planning with the sense of artful and disciplined restoration, and became the knight that will protect, preserve and carryTuvana Hotel History 1 on the long lasting tradition of the heritage of this old town neighborhood.


Tuvana is one of the few places of Kaleici where the traditions of old times still come alive with the same intensity and liveliness. Of course, this can only happen with you the guests…