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Tuvana Hotel Tuzcular Mah. Karanlık Sok. No:18 Kaleiçi / Antalya - TURKEY

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Autumn Romance in Antalya

Antalya is beloved by many for its turquoise crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, numerous natural wonders, palm lined streets, stunning marina, delicious cuisine, excellent shopping, charming architecture and beautiful historical attractions occupied by large groups of tourists yearly. Once summer is over – every man, woman and stray cat heads east and Antalya returns to its relaxed and peaceful nature. The hordes of tourists might be off-putting to some and overwhelming, hence why during the off season (Autumn in particular) your experience of a place may be enhanced without the intervention of big crowds, unbearable heat and expensive prices. Take this time to recharge before the winter approaches. The room for exploration becomes undeniably wider in Autumn – with a 25-degree sunshine you can enjoy relaxing outdoors or in case if a shower hits there are plenty of places to find refuge at such as museums, cafes or a variety of shopping centers.

In the months of Autumn during the chilly nights, whilst out on your walk you’ll often find yourself being invited by Turkish people for a cup of tea or Salep. At the small and beautiful courtyards of Kaleici; people often enjoy gathering around an open fire with drinks while Turkish men play acoustic guitar and sing nicely for the couples which creates a cozy atmosphere for cuddling. You may often see brides and grooms stopping for portraits for their wedding albums. Kaleici is a historic area occupying a substantive area of Antalya; you may spend your afternoons stopping by for coffee in many picturesque cafes or getting lost in the winding streets guarded by medieval castle walls.

There is an endless plethora of shopping options in the aesthetically oldfashioned boutiques and souvenir shops where they can carve you and your partner’s initials onto a stone, plate or an accessory of your choice. Before reaching the harbor where you can take a breathtaking yacht tour around the Marina – right around the Clock Tower you can stop for a couples painting, there are numerous different artists with their own painting styles and sizes of portraits to choose from, the art serves perfectly as a lifelong memory.

Autumn is also a perfect time to visit the untouched beaches in Lara, Konyaalti or Olympos; the skies are clear and the weather is spectacular but most importantly the beaches are empty and their beauties are not tucked away under huge groups of people, the resorts that are usually fully packed in the summer are abandoned till the next season thus you get to have the whole beach alone to yourself and your partner where you can spend a fun day splashing around or bonding whilst playing backgammon nearby (Tavla as the Turkish call it).

The idea of having a romantic dinner at the beach with flowers and candles also becomes possible, this is a perfect time and place to bond and bring you closer to your significant other whilst providing wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Antalya has always been viewed as one of the most romantic cities for couples and travelers. Couples that come to the magical Antalya for their honeymoon always leave even more in love than they came.