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7 Reasons to Visit Antalya

With its beautiful landscapes and rich history Antalya is renowned as one of the most unique destinations in the world. Encompassed by stunning Taurus Mountains, shimmering beaches, antiquated urban communities and breathtaking scenery, here are an assortment of attractions you’ll love and 7 incredible reasons to visit Antalya.

1. Beautiful Beaches

Antalya possesses beaches for all types of people equipped for their every need. Ranging from quiet, calm and secluded beaches immersed in nature to crowded, exciting and luxurious ones. People can opt for extravagant resorts or marvelous boutique hotels with minimally inhabited beaches. You can enjoy going to modern and pebbled Konyaaltı beach in the city center or swim in beautiful turquoise waters of Patara and Çıralı which the ancient Lycian city of Olympos is located at. Visitors also have the opportunity to take a stroll down the city and explore its exciting ancient ruins.

Beautiful Beaches Antalya

  1. Natural Wonders (Waterfalls)

The view of mountains looming over the city is a breathtaking spectacle and so are the waterfalls below them constantly meeting the acquaintances of tourists on a daily basis. The most fascinating waterfall worthy of its reputation is the Düden Waterfall just 12 kilometers north-east of Antalya. The beautiful cascading blue waters of the waterfalls descend into valleys that are surrounded by flora, fauna and greenery, the mix of colors in Antalya showcase beautifully in photos.


  1. Amazing Food

Every region in Antalya is rich with fresh produce available for purchase at weekly local bazaars, sweet and succulent fruits or vegetables can be found at every corner and people have the chance to pluck fresh oranges right from the trees that grow throughout the whole city. Treat yourself with the famous and fulfilling traditional Turkish Breakfasts with a beautiful sea view.



  1. Culture

Tourists always have the opportunity to learn about the unique culture of Antalya by taking excursions, exploring places such as Kaleici, and by building relationships or interacting with local people, its encouraged that tourists communicate with locals as they are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature. People can learn about the authentic Turkish way of life, with its interesting traditions and customs by exploring the city, chatting with locals and visiting tourist hotspots like museums and landmarks.


  1. Ancient Ruins

There are countless historical sites in Antalya that you can explore, such as the Hadrian’s Gate in the heart of the city center or the Lycian Empire’s rock tombs in Myra, You can also visit the ancient Aspendos amphitheatre, the remarkable old Xanthos capital and the ancient ruins in Arykand. There are so many ways to connect with and learn the history of Antalya such as the opportunity to stop by the information boards in the Old Town and learn about the history of the sites you’re visiting.


  1. Shopping

Antalya has a wide selection of malls and centers that cater for tourists’ needs. Make sure to visit MarkAntalya, it’s a large, modern mall that has a vast selection of lifestyle brands and entertainment. If you prefer open spaces, Antalya is known to have interesting bazaars and boutiques where you can shop for organic fruits and vegetables, traditional spices, bargain for vintage antiques and homemade crafts.


  1. Kaleici

Kaleici combines both the modern and the historical aspects of Antalya. The Old Town is famous for its carefully renovated Ottoman houses, mansions, ancient stone walls and structures. Every pathway and alley is filled with unique exterior and greenery leading to the beautiful view of the Marina and Mermerli Beach. Starting from the Hadrian’s gate people can wander through the picturesque narrow streets whilst taking photos and stopping for refreshing drinks. In Kaleici you can visit cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, galleries, tattoo shops, fortune tellers, bazaars and relax in the parks surrounding the area.

Regardless of the season, time, or place the unique beauty in Antalya never fails to fascinate and impress visitors. However you choose to plan your holiday you are guaranteed to receive genuine and kind treatment, extraordinary experience, and thrilling memories.