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Tuvana Hotel Tuzcular Mah. Karanlık Sok. No:18 Kaleiçi / Antalya - TURKEY

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Old Harbor

Working hours: 24 hours
How to go: on foot
How long does it take: 1 minute

Nestled into a recess in the cliffs, Antalya’s old harbor is a picturesque huddle of boutiques, pretty cafés, bazaars and gently bobbing yachts that look out over a shimmering Mediterranean.

With its peaceful pleasure-boat atmosphere now, it’s difficult to imagine this place was once Antalya’s major economic hub. But from the 2nd century up until the mid-20th century this was the main port, bringing trade and prosperity to the city and surrounding region.

These days you come here to shop and then watch sunset over the sea while you sip a coffee. Or, head out onto the Mediterranean on one of the many excursion boats before spreading out your towel on an empty beach.