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Tuvana Hotel Tuzcular Mah. Karanlık Sok. No:18 Kaleiçi / Antalya - TURKEY

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Working Hours: 10:00-02:00
How to get: AC03, LC07 buses
How long: around 50 minutes

”Children and Flowers” is the theme of the Expo in Antalya. Gardens, concerts, restaurants, lots of amusements are waiting for you. And don’t miss the opportunity to watch the Antalya from Expo Tower 101 meter high.

a. The World of Leonardo da Vinci exhibition/ 15 May-15 July
b. Phaselis Coins exhibition/23 April-30 October
c. Status Quo concert/ 14 June/22:00
d. UB 40 Concert/25 June/22:00
e. Dj Afrojack Concert/26 June/ 22:00
f. Deep Purple Concert/ 5 July/ 22:00
g. Tarkan Concert/ 9 July/22:00
h. Phoenix Fire Dancers/11-18 June/21:00-22:00
i. Magician Without Limits/24 June/21:00-22:00
j. Çelebi Dans Gösterisi/every day 8:30 and 10:00 pm