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4 Secret Places of Kaleici/Old Town in Antalya

The most rewarding aspect of travelling abroad, is not only seeing “highlights” of the destination, but stepping out of the tourist trail and experiencing life as locals and simultaneously enjoying it. Here is a small list of hidden gems to explore in Kaleici.

  1. Hidden Park

Small green area hidden in Kaleici – now is becoming a very popular tourist spot, due to excellent view on the whole city center and especially the harbor. The area is surrounded by greenery, resting spots, small fountains and different wooden sculptures decorating the park beautifully.

  1. Panoramic Elevator

This elevator provides easy access from the main street level down to the harbor in the old town. The view from the balcony top – shows a spectacular panoramic view of whole Kaleici, sea, and Antalya bay.

  1. CayTea

Hipster bakery with design that you will never found anywhere in whole Turkey. When you step in, you become part of a Wonderland. The high level of attention in oriental details, very tasty food, and reasonable prices, make this cafe one of the best in the city.

  1. Mermerli Beach

The only place in Kaleici for swimming. It is a part of Restaurant with same name, you can get there only from the restaurant. Entry at the beach cost 4$ but it’s totally worth it. Wonderful view, service from restaurant, cozy, clean beach with crystal-clear water.



7 Reasons to Visit Antalya

With its beautiful landscapes and rich history Antalya is renowned as one of the most unique destinations in the world. Encompassed by stunning Taurus Mountains, shimmering beaches, antiquated urban communities and breathtaking scenery, here are an assortment of attractions you’ll love and 7 incredible reasons to visit Antalya.

1. Beautiful Beaches

Antalya possesses beaches for all types of people equipped for their every need. Ranging from quiet, calm and secluded beaches immersed in nature to crowded, exciting and luxurious ones. People can opt for extravagant resorts or marvelous boutique hotels with minimally inhabited beaches. You can enjoy going to modern and pebbled Konyaaltı beach in the city center or swim in beautiful turquoise waters of Patara and Çıralı which the ancient Lycian city of Olympos is located at. Visitors also have the opportunity to take a stroll down the city and explore its exciting ancient ruins.

Beautiful Beaches Antalya

  1. Natural Wonders (Waterfalls)

The view of mountains looming over the city is a breathtaking spectacle and so are the waterfalls below them constantly meeting the acquaintances of tourists on a daily basis. The most fascinating waterfall worthy of its reputation is the Düden Waterfall just 12 kilometers north-east of Antalya. The beautiful cascading blue waters of the waterfalls descend into valleys that are surrounded by flora, fauna and greenery, the mix of colors in Antalya showcase beautifully in photos.


  1. Amazing Food

Every region in Antalya is rich with fresh produce available for purchase at weekly local bazaars, sweet and succulent fruits or vegetables can be found at every corner and people have the chance to pluck fresh oranges right from the trees that grow throughout the whole city. Treat yourself with the famous and fulfilling traditional Turkish Breakfasts with a beautiful sea view.



  1. Culture

Tourists always have the opportunity to learn about the unique culture of Antalya by taking excursions, exploring places such as Kaleici, and by building relationships or interacting with local people, its encouraged that tourists communicate with locals as they are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature. People can learn about the authentic Turkish way of life, with its interesting traditions and customs by exploring the city, chatting with locals and visiting tourist hotspots like museums and landmarks.


  1. Ancient Ruins

There are countless historical sites in Antalya that you can explore, such as the Hadrian’s Gate in the heart of the city center or the Lycian Empire’s rock tombs in Myra, You can also visit the ancient Aspendos amphitheatre, the remarkable old Xanthos capital and the ancient ruins in Arykand. There are so many ways to connect with and learn the history of Antalya such as the opportunity to stop by the information boards in the Old Town and learn about the history of the sites you’re visiting.


  1. Shopping

Antalya has a wide selection of malls and centers that cater for tourists’ needs. Make sure to visit MarkAntalya, it’s a large, modern mall that has a vast selection of lifestyle brands and entertainment. If you prefer open spaces, Antalya is known to have interesting bazaars and boutiques where you can shop for organic fruits and vegetables, traditional spices, bargain for vintage antiques and homemade crafts.


  1. Kaleici

Kaleici combines both the modern and the historical aspects of Antalya. The Old Town is famous for its carefully renovated Ottoman houses, mansions, ancient stone walls and structures. Every pathway and alley is filled with unique exterior and greenery leading to the beautiful view of the Marina and Mermerli Beach. Starting from the Hadrian’s gate people can wander through the picturesque narrow streets whilst taking photos and stopping for refreshing drinks. In Kaleici you can visit cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, galleries, tattoo shops, fortune tellers, bazaars and relax in the parks surrounding the area.

Regardless of the season, time, or place the unique beauty in Antalya never fails to fascinate and impress visitors. However you choose to plan your holiday you are guaranteed to receive genuine and kind treatment, extraordinary experience, and thrilling memories.


Discover one of the greatest minds ever! Leonardo Da Vinci inventions exhibition on EXPO 2016…

Leonardo Da vinci Exhibition Expo Antalya 2016

Prediciting future technologies, thinking differently, Leonardo Da Vinci created codices that were crafed now to give you an idea what a genious mind he was!

His works include concepts of a helicopter, submarine, car, bycicle, parachute, tank, SCUBA, walking piano, robot, ideal city plan with and many more.

Shortly about Da Vinci: Born in he was acting signifactly ahead of time. He was an example of ‘homo universalis”- Leonardo Da Vinci was outstanding painter, architect, scientist (naturalist, anatomist), writer, musician, inventor and one of the most significant representative of the Renaissance.

The exhibition is located in the EXPO Congress Hall and available until 15 July.

Turkey biggest amusement park already in Antalya

The land of legends

800 sq mt new ”The Land of Legends Park”  is opening 1 July to impress everyone. Unique aqualand with wave and surf pools, 77 slides, electrifying rides, 80 metres high mystical castle with observation decks and much more.

Europe’s first public open-air aquarium with Mediterranean and tropical sea creatures will be opened.

You have a chance to meet dolphins, sharks, penguins, tigers, and even whales and walruses! Underwater safari will leave unforgettable experience for a lifetime.

Great spot to spend a day with family!

Pop art for everyone – Andy Warhol exhibition in Antalya

Andy Warhol Exhibition Antalya

The father of commercial pop art, famed Andy Warhol was American famous painter, producer, designer, writer and film director with Slovac roots.

His was managing and producing ”The Velvet Underground” first of it’s kind punk rock band. Andy Warhol’s studio ”The Factory” was unusual place that was bringing together celebreties, patrons and Bohemian people.

He created design for Coca-Cola can, was working with images of famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Andy Warhol was first to use neon colors in pictorial art. He was pioneer in computer- generated art, besides using printmarking, photography, silk screening, etc.

Campbell’s soup, Cowboys and Indıans, Flowers, 10 Portraits of Jews 20th Century series are presented in the Antalya Culture and Arts Center from 30 March until 25 September. 

EXPO 2016 Antalya – fun for children and adults- is going on until 30 October!

Expo 2016 Antalya

Concerts featuring famous stars, dancing groups, magical shows- everything to make you happy! Learn about participant countries by visiting their theme gardens. Watch the Expo Lake Water Shows and enjoy you meals in one of many restauramts.

”A Green World for the Next Generation” is a moto of this year EXPO in Antalya. The ”Children and Flowers” topic is just created for the local weather and nature. In total 120, 700 sq ft fairground includes  gardens, activity spots, shops, restaurants and what’s not. Huge congress center, two amphitheatres, singing fountains pond are opened to visit. 25,000 green plants of 120 species are waiting for visitors.

For the first time, Turkey’s Agriculture and Biodiversity Museum was opened and has great success among visitors. The symbol of the exposition- EXPO Tower, 101 m high with observation decks is a wonderfull opportunity to enjoy view over whole Antalya.

Besides, it is a must visit, it can be reason to come to Antalya too!

Kaleiçi is about to be included in UNESCO World Heritage List


Old Town (Kaleiçi) in Antalya is declared a 3rd degree archeological site with vast and diverse begining it’s  history from Roman Empire followed by Byzantine and Ottoman Empire up to nowadays.

Kaleiçi itself is a ”city in the city” situated in the very heart of Antalya fronted by ancient harbour dating back to Roman Empire times. Kaleiçi has numbers of structures including monuments, buildings, mosques, gardens, etc.

Government of Antalya is reporting that old temples and mosques are protected and needed action is done to meet all qualifications for UNESCO. Entering World Heritage List will protect the town better. Neverthless long history and numerous invasions, Kaleiçi protected it’s authencity rather good.

Such sights as Hadrianus Gate, Hıdırlık Tower, Muratpaşa Mosque, Ancient Theater, Alaadin Mosque, Karamolla Mosque, Dumlupınar School, Hesapçi street are to be added to UNESCO.

Legendary English musician Sting in Antalya

Sting Antalya

The owner of 16 Grammy awards, Golden Globe, Emmy awards and Academy award nominations for Best Original Song, Sting will take the stage on EXPO 2016 Antalya on 9th of August at 10:00 pm.

Musician, singer, songwriter, activist and actor will perform famous songs known by nearly everyone- ”Desert Rose”, ”Fragile”, ”Shape of Heart”, ”Fields of Gold”, ”Englishman in New York” and many others.

Also known as a former member of ”The Police” group, Sting received CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire)  from Queen Elizabeth II for services to the Music Industry and became a Kennedy Center Honoree at the White House in 2014, both are considered to be great honor. Sting is included in 100 greatest musical stars list of the 20th century by Q magazine.

Tickets are sold on  biletix.com.

Go 2000 years back to discover the very beginning of Anatolian region history

An Anatolion Legend Dance Show

vGreat news for history lovers- new project ”Aspendos Efsanesi – Aspendos’ta Tarihe Yolculuk” is on the stage during this summer season. Through dancing, music, film and video mapping, the whole 2000 years long story of Anatolian region existance from Roman Empire followed by Byzantium, Ottoman Empire until the time of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk governing time is told. The love story of Aspendos architect Zenon, gladiator fights, brave Ottoman military and variety of Anatolian region folk dances are intertwined in one great performance.

Brand new project is prepared by famous and beloved all around the world group- ”Fires of Anatolia” with  Mustafa Erdoğan whose performances won the hearts of millions of spectators. The group is  famous for the fastest synchronous folk dance ever in the world.

The atmosphere of the show is enhanced even more by the antique theater Aspendos, with a long and fascinating history, where 1,5 hour perfomance takes place.

This show is absolutely worth to see, since it would leave a taste of adventure long after and stay in memory for a lifetime.

Tickets are sold on biletix.com.